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Joomla 5x combine robust security with maximum performance! Guaranteeing a smooth experience while effectively warding off online threats.


User Management and Permissions

User Management and PermissionsAll your management needs dealt with using Joomla's user management. Organise and controls site users and groups with ease.


State-of-the-Art Code

State-of-the-Art CodeJoomla 5 has gone through intense refactoring to take advantage of modern PHP features and best practices.


Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor AuthenticationJoomla has built in support for multi-factor authentication and passwordless login, making it easy for users to keep their accounts secured.


Supported by Security Experts

Supported by Security ExpertsOur volunteer Security Strike Team is at the ready, with robust processes to act fast in case of a potential vulnerability.


Mobile READY

Mobile READY

Joomla has taken a big leap in quality with mobile devices with a total overhaul of the design of the public side and the administrative interface.


Easy to use

Easy to use

Joomla administration has an easy look and feel, built with the powerful responsive Bootstrap framework, with a fantastic UI / UX touch from the Joomla JUX team..


Developer Tools

Developer Tools

CSS and jQuery {less} have been added to be able to write less code and use the icon Icomoon font library, which offers a wide range of icons also optimized for retina displays.


Authentication with two-step verification

Authentication with two-step verification

Joomla! was the first CMS to implement authentication with two-step verification. It adds a one-time code that is received on the mobile phone or a Yubikey for existing passwords to make the site more secure against attack attempts.



MultilingualJoomla is the most popular and widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform in the world, offering more than 64 languages.



ExtensibilityThe core of Joomla is just the beginning, the real power is in the way you can customize Joomla with over 7,000 possible extensions.


Content Management

Content ManagementJoomla is a content management system, it has some great features that make organizing and managing content simple.


Frontend Editing

Frontend EditingEditing the content is quick and easy. You are reading through your site's content and seeing a change you need to make.


Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS) that allows websites and powerful online applications to be built. With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and large organizations around the world. Many aspects, including its ease of use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular website software available.


  • Multi-user functionality allows different users to have different levels of access.

  • Media Manager allows easy management of media files and folders stored online.

  • Banner Management makes creating advertisements on a website a breeze.

  • Contact Manager helps users find the right person and their contact information.

  • Polls and surveys collect website visitor data.

  • Search helps visitors navigate content and provides search statistics.

  • Link Management Web allows every click to be organized and monitored.

  • Content Management tools allow website content to be organized in any way.

  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management allows visitors to subscribe to your website using their favorite RSS reader.

  • Menu Manager allows many menus and menu items to be created as needed.

  • Template Manager is a powerful tool that allows a site to appear exactly as intended.

  • Integrated help assists you in every step of creating your website.


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