The new 5x version has great improvements:

  • Improved caching of web resources and automatic activation of data to improve indexing in search engines.
  • Optimized the code to improve speed, we have made Joomla compatible with PHP 8+.
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.3.2.
  • The TinyMCE editor has been updated to version 6.7 with new image alignment features.
  • Improved media management with AVIF support and the ability to exclude archived content from Smart Search indexing.
  • Sort the menu as you like.
  • Strengthened security by migrating events into relevant classes.
  • Removals of outdated Recaptcha plugins.
  • Internal code, using more updated API and adding support for JS import map in Web Asset Manager, along with fixes for PHP 8.2
  • Introduces Fontawesome 6.4, Codemirror 6
  • Update its Webauthn library.
  • We now require PHP 8.1, MySQL 8.0.13+, MariaDB 10.4+, and PostgreSQL 12+ for optimal performance.

Joomla 5X meets all  modern needs of a CMS, ensuring speed, security and an intuitive user experience.